LOCATION:    Phuket, Thailand


CLIENT:       Siam Kornkij Co.,Ltd


PERIOD OF SERVICES: July 2009 – Jun 2010


CAPITALCOST:          -


FINANCED BY:     Siam Kornkij Co.,Ltd






Ministry of public Health, Thailand objected to establish the center of recover and development of children. The project is located on high terrain of phuket. Therefore, the design of foundations needs to be significantly taken into account. The investigation was carried out to evaluate the suitable type of foundation on inclined ground to maintain natural terrain of the ground or for many reasons with conserving slope stability and implemented effectively to overcome failure problems.The soil investigation using both of geophysical exploration and soil boring were carried out for more accuracy of foundation design, less time consuming and consequently lead to project cost saving. In addition, minimized the problem during construction period is one of the main advantages.

Siam kornkij Company Limited, appointed IEC for soil investigation, pile foundation design. After investigation, both of shallow and pile foundation on rock (Bored pile) is needed to be adopted in the project. As designed, 1.5m rock socket pile is need to be constructed and IEC therefore is awarded as contractor which capable to install this type of pile foundation on rock using the specific method called down-the hole hammer lead to less time consume and successfully constructed as project requirements. 



Geotechnical and Geophysical investigation were carried out. In addition, the geological mapping of rock in project was determined. The geophysical (Resistivity Imaging) was carried out as preliminary prior to perform the soil boring and rock coring in the project. Then, the investigation results of resistivity imaging and soil boring was correlation to determine the geotechnical design parameters. Foundation design and construction of pile foundation on rock using down-the-hole hammer is adopted. 



·         Geophysical investigation (Resistivity Imaging)

·         Geotechnical investigation (Soil Boring, Rock Coring)

·         Geological Mapping

·         Foundation design

·         Construction of pile foundation on rock (Rock socket) using Down-the-Hole hammer.