Studies and Research on Slope Stabilization induced by Erosion and slide for highway in northern Thailand

LOCATION:     Nothern of Thailand (Zone 1, 2, 4 and 6)


CLIENT:          Department of Highway (DOH)



Studies and Research : July 2007 – July 2008


CAPITAL COST:              4 Millions Baht


FINANCED BY:        The Client


ASSOCIATED FIRMS:       Tesco Co., Ltd.




The slope failure in Northern Thailand is often occurred as induced by man-made slope corresponding to highway construction.  Department of Highway (DOH) intends to minimize the slope problems by recognized the practically to use an alternative methods as recommended for the methodology of the remedial measure and Long-term maintenance.  The preparations of the slope manual and recommended typical drawings are considered in overall cases that involve highway slope for their maintenance.  International Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (IEC) awarded contract to carried out of the studies and research on highway slope problems on those area.  The studies are including the design methodology for preventive of the erosion and slide in various mode of failure, standard design of slope, construction sequence and maintenance work.  The slope manual and recommended drawing are able to prepared.


Study and research of highway slope in Northern Thailand as including sixty (60) points of failure.  Analysis and summarize the mode of failures, classification and setting up the criteria.  Preparation the slope manuals namely The manual of Survey & Analysis cause of slope failure, The manual of design recommendation for remedial failed slope and  The manual of preventive maintenance slopes. Preparation the typical recommended drawings for improving slope construction. 



·         The database are used to verify cause of slope failure/mode of failure in Northern Thailand.

·         Highway slope manual.

·         Slope engineering that is specific for the planning, investigation, design, construction and maintenance of highway slope.