LOCATION:   Nakornratchasrima Interchange (Intersection between highway route 304 and Nakornratchasrima Ringroad) , Thailand

CLIENT:     Department of Highways through Asian Engineering Consultants Corp.,Ltd.

PERIOD OF SERVICES : Aug 2008 – June 2009

DESIGN FEE:            2.2 MB

FINANCED BY:            N/A

ASSOCIATED FIRMS:    Asian Engineering Consultants Co.,Ltd. (AEC)


Due to the policy of highway development plan to support of future communication and transportation system. To alleviatetraffic congestion as go through of Nakornratchasrima province, enhance the road capacity and road safety. The Route No. 304. and Nakornratchasrima Ring road is one of the major intersections which is beneficial to constructionin order to enhance the traffic capacity and deal with the high traffic growth rate in the coming future.  Theengineering detail design was carried out including traffic management during construction and operation period. The box girder with 40m span length is adopted compared with the pre-stress I Girder in various aspects such as construction and maintenance cost, time consuming during construction, esthetic, environmental impact and driving capability.


·         Detailed engineering design of road embankment and structural as including:

-       40m Span length – Box Girder

-       Pile foundation

-       Slope Stability Analysis

-       Drainage system

-       Flexible pavement and concrete pavement


·         Box Girder details design

·         Design drawings, specifications & calculations

·         Tender documents

·         Rigid and Flexible pavement

·         Drainage System