Bridge Inspection and loading test for Slab type bridge in the 3rd, 7th and 8th area of Department of Highway.

LOCATION:  3rd, 7th and 8th area of Department of Highway,Thailand


CLIENT:     Bureau of Road Research and Development , Department of Highways.


PERIOD OF SERVICES : May 2009– February 2010




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Due to the enhance of truck load limited to 25 tons, it is possibly effect to the bridge structural. Thus, department of highway objected to carried out the bridge condition rating assessment and performed the bridge load test to determine the capacity of the slab type bridges. The destructive and non-destructive test was carried out in term of concrete strength

determination using coring, Schmidt hammer, carbonation test. The structural condition survey and rating the slab type bridge also bridge load test at the DOH area No. 3,7,8  was awarded to International Engineering Consutlants Co.,Ltd and Tesco Co.,Ltd. One of the most well-known non-destructive methods to evaluate the bridge structural capacity is called “Bridge Diagnostic” by attached the most accuracy strain gauge in the significant bridge element. This non-destructive test has been carried out for 8 selected bridge which various condition to ensure the capacity of bridges.



·        Bridges condition assessment and rating.

·        Executed material testing in term of concrete.

·        Executed non-destructive testing “ Bridge Diagnostic.

·        Analysis the load capacity of slab type bridge and post renovatation.

·        Evaluate the existing bridge condition to ensure the bridge capacity.